MRTech – Mechanical Research & Technologies

25 years designing and achieving equipments
for High Pressure Gas Producers.

Alain GIROUD and Philippe MOREAU started to work together 25 years ago.
Based on the ND15 240 bar valves designed by Alain, they started to install Monogas
and Mixgas frames at Air Liquide in France and then at Linde, Messer, Air Products…
in many countries.

The same enthusiasm, the same inventive mind inspire MRTech team today.
During the 5 past years MRTech has made a tremendous effort in R&D,
to launch new products that fit to the gas producers expectations.

And MRTech team still goes on : new pneumatic filling connector
besides custom products and equipments!

MRTech products and equipments are currently delivered throughout the world,
from Russia to Brazil !

Have a look at our website and let us know about your needs!

Alain & Philippe.