MRTech Multi-valve filling connector are designed to be coupled with several types of cylinder valves.

MRTech Multi-valve filling connector prevents the operator from changing the filling connector each time he receives cylinders equipped with a different cylinder valve, with or without RPV for instance.

Main application consists in coupling with a single connector cylinders valves having the same thread, with variable pin course.

MRTech Multi-valve filling connector has 3 positions, each of them corresponding to a range of RPV bumping depth.

Instead of dismounting the filling connector, and mounting an appropriate one, the operator has just to change the switch position. It saves money and opération time !

Furthermore the pin of MRTech Multi-valve filling connector is removed when the connector is unplugged, which prevents the pin from any damage and ensures it a longer life time.


  • Any type of gas and norm :F/C/G/E/D/L/M/N type, DIN 477, UNI, CGA 540/320, ISO 514, NRB 11725, BS
  • Specific design on request, ie for a given type of cylinder valve
  • RPV or non RPV valves.
  • Service pressure 360 bar.
  • Most O2 connectors have been tested and approved by AIR LIQUIDE CTE (Expertise Technological center).
  • Oxygen adiabatic compression test on request for new connections


  • Safety ring
  • Specific steering Wheel
  • Protection skirt for oxygen use
  • Angle connector
  • Swivel connector