240/360/420 bar Pigtail Hoses


MRTech Pigtail Hose are an attractive solution to replace classical flexible hose :

  • There is no time limitation of use which is economically significant.
  • The filling connector weight is partly supported by the pigtail hose which is much more confortable for the operator.
  • There is no need to hang up the pigtail connector after use which saves operation time.
  • The pigtail hose has an adjustable height to fit with different types of cylinders.
  • Coupled with Mrtech Swivel Connector the operator gains in ergonomics and efficiency.

MRTech Pigtail Hose design is adjustable to match with user’s need and installation layout :

  • Loops number
  • Loops diameter
  • Loops decreasing diameter
  • Vertical or Horizontal outlet


  • Working pressure : 240/360/420 bar
  • Pipe diameter : 6 or 6,35 mm
  • Pipe thickness according to the pressure required.
  • Material : stainless steel (coils and connectors).
  • Orbital welding.
  • Gas compatibility : oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO2, neutral gases, acetylen, hydrogen, hélium, corrosive gases on request.